BOOK REVIEW: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding


9781447288947Title:  Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Series:  Bridget Jones #2
Author:  Helen Fielding
Publisher:  Picador
Published:  2014
Language:  English
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  422
ISBN: 9781447288947



Genre: Chick-Lit, Romance, Contemporary, Adult.
Average Goodreads rating: 3.50

The Wilderness Years are over! But not for long. At the end ofBridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget hiccuped off into the sunset with man-of-her-dreams Mark Darcy. Now, in The Edge of Reason, she discovers what it is like when you have the man of your dreams actually in your flat and he hasn’t done the washing-up, not just the whole of this week, but ever.

Lurching through a morass of self-help-book theories and mad advice from Jude and Shazzer, struggling with a boyfriend-stealing ex-friend with thighs like a baby giraffe, an 8ft hole in the living-room wall, a mother obsessed with boiled-egg peelers, and a builder obsessed with large reservoir fish, Bridget embarks on a spiritual epiphany, which takes her from the cappuccino queues of Notting Hill to the palm- and magic-mushroom-kissed shores of …

Bridget is back. V.g.



My Rating and General Opinion


Aww…. Just a lot of feelings… A lot happened in this new installment, especially comparing it to the first adventure of Bridget! There’s not better feeling that when you finish a book, close it and you’ve got a smile on your face! 🙂

The Writing

The writing got better for me. She continued writing drunk on her diary but that’s Bridget!!hehe

The Story

The story got better and better!! First the great Rebecca debacle…. Ha! Rebecca… what a bitch, what a useless bitch (I hate that type of person!!) Then the life continues, such a dread, and then that final adventure!! Ha! Sadly I was prepared for that but still it got to me…. and then when you think everything is over and happy times are around the corner, there you go, your last surprise!!! My mind went directly to that person… that one was always quite strange.

The Characters

Character wise, I am so glad we got to see a lot of Darcy and almost non of Daniel!! Some of the characters went mad , aka Bridge’s boss, and some others were found to have a heart after all, aka Pamela.
Bridget continued on her style, that quirky personality that I love, and just like Darcy correctly pointed out had too little own opinion and put too much importance in her friend’s opinions… and self help books… (I never completely understood this self help book obsession!). But that interview though… I was so ashamed!!!! For her and myself… so ashamed…
Mark Darcy was so transparent and lovable… even if he had his moments when I wanted to hit him because I didn’t know if he was doing things knowingly or with that naive manly spirit. But his mere presence made all giggly!! What a crush!!
The entourage, mainly Sharon and Jude, had a lot going on… I am glad for Sharon at the end (this will shut her up) and surprised like all of them were about Jude, very very surprised!!
And then Rebecca… I don’t know what to say only that I wish she got suddenly pregnant with her partner… I don’t want her to be unhappier or anything, because she already is (inner witch is laughing non stop for this ugly creature!)… she is painfully sad after all, typical rich girl with airs of superiority…


A enjoyed this movie ‘adaptation’ (‘ ‘ because there was so much missing, so many details missing that…) but the book I found thrilling!! Completely!!

Would totally recommend this book!!!



We know covers are essential to booklovers, they are the first thing that grabs our attention so here I go!

This book’s quirkiness provides some serious cover art and some serious disasters…

I own myself the photographied cover. I decided to go with these Picador editions because I really liked the fonts in the covers (and yes, paired with the third one they match perfectly! There nothing worse than unpaired books…), their bright colors and the simplicity of the rest.

Here are some covers that can be found around the world. Which one do you fancy?

I really don’t like the french and italian editions, but that portuguese one… is so fun!!


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