BOOK REVIEW: Love Me While I’m Gone by Diana T. Scott


27824637Title:  Love Me While I’m Gone
Series:  Half of Me Series #2
Author:  Diana T. Scott
Publisher:  Self published
Published:  December 2015
Language:  English
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  296
ISBN:  9781519272775



Genre: Contemporary, Romance, NA.
Average Goodreads rating: 4.42

For a very long time, my biggest accomplishments had nothing to do with what I really wanted. When I decided to give up my mother’s dream and fight for my own, I never imagined choosing one dream could put me on the path of the one I never knew I wanted – meeting him. Collin. He quickly went from a friend to a companion, to soul mate, to heartbreak. 

After he left Chicago, leaving me with nothing more than a text message, I only had one sane choice – to act like he never existed and go on with my life. A ghost can’t break your heart.

But now he’s back and he’s prepared to prove me otherwise. Is it possible to love someone against your will?



My Rating and General Opinion


I did enjoy this book even if it wasn’t as good or thrilling as the first one! I definitely had a lot of eye rolling moments during this read… And I missed to much the characters from the first book even if they had cameos in here still that wasn’t enough.

The Writing

The writing had you there from the first moment just like in book 1!! It has something especial I don’t know how to describe it but is most reliable and approachable!

The Story

The story is where I had some problems, mostly because it induced a lot of eye rolling and I am not used to that.
Just like it happened in the first book the story unravels at a good pace but then when it’s about to get to a conclusion everything happens at one, especially in this installment which took place in more than one year.
The first hundred pages of it are a delight, of course they are also the happy and most angelic parts of the book.
And then a stupid mistake and even more stupid thing occurred to one of our main characters Collin, how could he have been even done this things I still cannot understand, because it makes no sense. And from this point I started having problems because even if I enjoyed it I didn’t think that attitude matched his character and found it completely unbelievable.
If you would think it, cold mindedly, the plot of this entire story comes from that mistake and everything that went on in between, and is quite simple. And if you think like me, in the first place it shouldn’t have happened.
Then the story ended in a cute, charming way… at least that’s the way it started for me with some lost emails… but those were just a bit repetitive with the whole “missing you” part and that got to my nerves!!

The Characters

The main two characters in this story were Emily and Collins, but I won’t lie to you it was mostly all about Emily, Collin’s POV should have been used more.
Emily was so cute and empowering, even in her lowest points she was still strong and I felt in sync with her but there were times when she also got to my nerves!
Collin, in the other hand, started out so charming (at least what we gathered from Em’s perspective because he didn’t let much out) and has some real good qualities such as being loyal friend (which I value too much) but still there was some clinging aspect to him that was OK for Em but not for me, I can’t handle clingy people… He had no selfish bone in his body that’s for sure, he was a pilar in Sebastian’s life and thought to much about his feelings to pay any attention to his own feelings. But sometimes you need to be selfish and mourn and heal yourself, otherwise you won’t be any good for anyone.


I do recognize this as a guilty pleasure of mine and I would recommend it, just to get to know more the characters and to go into this rollercoaster of dramatic emotions.


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