Book Editions: Half Of Me Series


You know how sometimes publiishing companies change the covers of a series while the series is still running?¿? I hate that! It is super superficial but books are not only content but continent too right? Or am I alone in this belief?

Well thank god this didn’t exactly happen with this series, I actually have the original covers in this series, yes they might be a bit too cute, but I love the color differences and every little detail that the covers actually tell about the story inside. They are so appealing to the eye and I just… don’t really know how to describe them!! I love them and love to look at them!!

Original Covers

And then with a big change we have the very new editios of the same series. I understand how they wanted to go with a more serious for New Adult theme here, entering actual human beings (well, too much photoshopped human beings I might add) and approaching it in a more mature theme. I can understand teh mature them but usually I just HATE to see people of real faces in book covers, it simply doesn’t work for me. And what do we have here? Nothing but faces and real people, no, just no. What I like is that all of them follow the same style, black&white with colored titles… but that’s it, I just don’t like this new editions at all!!

New Covers

Who’s with me?? Who loves best the original covers?? Or do you prefer the new ones?

I still highly recommend you to read this series, especially the first one such a cute and dramatic story it blew my mind and got me really hooked!!


2 thoughts on “Book Editions: Half Of Me Series

  1. femaleinferno says:

    The original covers are eye-catching with colour and stand out because of an artistic flare – the new editions look like every other romance out in the market at the moment… and a pet hate of new. Originals Please!!

    On the new editions I’m guessing the first one is about a bearded man who has narcolepsy that our female protagonist has to deal with; the second has a girl with a neck smelling fetish in love with a guy who just can’t be bothered; and the last book is about a couple who smells something bad and are wondering who farted… am I right? Do I get a prize?

    Liked by 1 person

    • matxi_books says:

      Hahaha haha you are killing me!! You almost got it right!! 😛 Hahahaha
      I am glad I am not alone!! I don’t buy or read the kind of romance novels that have these covers either… I find them just disgusting!!

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