TOP 5: Most disappointing books of 2016

After seeing in a lot of blogs some interesting Top 5s I decided to get onboard, and finish this 2016 with my most disappointing and best books of 2016, but I already planned some themes for this upcoming year too!!

This week is time for the most disappointing books of 2016, not worst books but most disappointing ones. I’ve read a lot of books this past 2016 and most of them have been really good reads, but of course you can always find some disappointments, either when your expectations are to high or when the book in itself turns out not to be engaging at all. So without further ado here my Top 5!!

5. Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding: I knew were I was heading, I was spoiled years ago when it was published but still, I wanted to get onboard with Bridget’s world and didn’t care about the rest. I had some kind of expectations about this book, that it was gonna end on a happy note but that it was also gonna be a joyful ride. Well, it turned out it didn’t end that way and I didn’t enjoy the ride that much. [REVIEW here]

4. Allegiant by Veronica Roth: This usually makes all of the disappointing lists around the world and although how the final installment wasn’t as good as the previous two I still didn’t hate it as much as people around the world did. I didn’t mind what happened to certain character at the end I actually found it refreshing and true to the story. When talking about dystopias and mostly YA, everything turns out to end in a happier note than it definitely should, so I am happy she didn’t go this way. Nonetheless it was disappointing because the storyline went all kinds of crazy in different directions.

3. How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff: Talk about movies that are better than the books… First of all this book was so short! I wasn’t expecting it to be this short, having watched the movie more than once and seeing all of the story that took place. The main plot I really enjoyed (just like in the movie) but I was expecting so much more!! The problem with me and this book was that I loved the movie so I was expecting a lot from the book and although still enjoyable it didn’t meet my expectations.

2. Nerve by Jeanne Ryan: This case was similar to How I Live Now’s. I hadn’t heard anything about this book until all of the movie buzz started out and I watched the trailer and found the plot really interesting and captivating. So then I went ahead, read it and disappointment all the way around! Too many inconsistencies and my lowest rate till date, 2.75*.

1. Legend (Legend trilogy really) by Marie Lu: I don’t know were to start with this… every time I think about disappointments in 2016, not this book but this whole trilogy comes to mind. I didn’t completely hate it, it got better for me given that the last book was the best in my opinion but still I had such high expectations about this series… Everything I’ve previously heard about this book in bookstagram and booktube told me that it was a great dystopian series so I didn’t think about it and went ahead bought them, struggled and read them all. The disappointment was real and I know most people here really enjoyed them so don’t hate me!  

Did any of this books disappoint you as much as they did me or am I alone?? If so, which other books did you find disappointing or not worthy of such hype??

– – –

PS: Enjoy this weekend’s festivities!! I hope you have a great time surrounded by friends and family and that Santa/Secret Santa and Olentzero of course behaves!! 🙂 🙂


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