Top 5 Wednesdays: Characters you would invite to your New Years Eve party (UPDATED)


First of all let me explain a bit about this tag in case you don’t know about it. It’s a tag created by Samantha from Toughts on Tomes and Lainey from Ginger Reads Lainey and is a weekly book meme were a topic or theme is chosen and each week you have to choose five books/series/tvshows that fit the description. If you want to check it out here’s the Goodreads group.


PS: Thank God for scheduled posts!! Because nowadays I don’t even remember which day I live on!! So I had this post scheduled and full for a couple of weeks but it turns out I must have erased the content and didn’t even realize!!!Grrrr…. So this post is the updated entry for this weeks T5W! 😉 


Festivities are on its highest point!! I hope you had a great Christmas Eve with the family and friends!! This week is all about who would you like to have as company in your NYE festivities!! Here getting ready for my own NYE celebrations I had a lot of options but I decided to invite this 5 fictional people, to have fun and basically to have the time of our lives and one I wouldn’t forget that easily!!

Here’s my top five, there’s a group of good friends to have some laughs and then there’s a man I wouldn’t mind in my life more than one night a year… If there is someone here you would want in your own party, I am sorry to inform you that I got dibs!! But you are more than welcome to accompany me!! 


1. Rose Hathaway: If you have yet to read the Vampire Academy series what are you waiting for?? I know you might not be in the mood for again some cheesy vampire stories but this series keeps getting better and better and Rose is the main reason for that!! This girl is hilarious, she’s witty, badass and the girl to have in your corner definitely!! Either if it’s to go on an adventure or to party like there’s no tomorrow I want this girl in my corner!!

2. Bridget Jobridget-jones-624x351.jpgnes:
 Well another one to have some great laughs and if the night ends up being disappointing, like a lot of them do, I guess I can go and cry, and sing, and eat ice cream and not be by myself! In the good mood I plan on being this one would be a good company!! 🙂 


6359456934929373911853559536_3bcdcb9b-f653-4468-a7dc-a1baebf3c094-2060x1236.jpeg3. Mindy Lahiri: To round-up the circle of womanhood in my party I couldn’t leave it without inviting this sexy and outspoken doctor which I cannot get enough of! Mindy = Fun and that’s all that I want this night, to forget about everything, have good conversations, laugh a lot and dance if possible! 😉 


nikolai_lantsov_by_littleschemer-d7v4q7aretgrtgtrt.jpg4. Nikolai Lantsv: Because with all of the women I invited we would need someone to keep up entertained and I see Nikolai as a promising one to fulfill that destiny! Again like Mindy and Rose especially he has wit, he is crazy fun and a bit douchebag (y), an acceptable percentage, just enough to have a really great time with, not ending with any complications and without turning things to serious!!


122c5d09066826bcc59334833f793f37.jpg5. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser aka Jamie Fraser: Yes, I saved the best for last. There’s not a lot to tell about this one, I just love this character and the impersonation actor Sam Heughan does just perfects even more this Scottish man.Continuing with NYE traditions (although I celebrate with family not with friends that early on in the night) at 00:00 you are supposed to be accompanied and begin the year in a happy note with a kiss right?? Well, who better then to begin the year with?? A trip to and from Scotland to the Basque Country would be no problem at all! We would have to work on our timing but otherwise… ;p

· · ·

[All of the photos in this post have been taken from google images]



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