Top 5: Female Authors to keep track of

To commemorate this month of March and the International Woman’s Day (march 8th) I decided to select 5 female authors that have left some kind of imprint in myself and that I plan on following in future publications. Most of this I’ve found about in the last months/year and I am really happy of doing so because let me tell you this woman really know how to write and how to get into your skin.

An honorable mention goes to the always lovely Jane Austen. She is already to known out there so I decided to go with new and less known authors!

But well without further ado and in alphabetical order, accompanied by the first novel I read from the named author, here we go:

1. Clare Mackintosh (goodreads): Is it OK to confess that after only one book of hers read I consider myself a devoted fan??haha Her style and the way she constructed each atmosphere was a clear reflection of her previous job, which only made everything feel more reallistic, frightening and simply brilliant. This woman has something special and I cannot wait to keep reading more of her work! Find my review here.

 2. Gail Carriger (goodreads): I’ve never heard before about her and thanks to bookstagram and especially my dear friend Themis I discovered this series. The first thing that grabbed my eye was the world that her pen built, especially all of the little details that she with her special art gave us. Simply fantastic and seriously a special writing style I am completely in love with! You can find my reviews about this series here.

3. Gayle Forman (goodreads): Well it is safe to say that her lyrical writing helped with an otherwise sad and depressing tale. I have only read her pictured duology and I enjoyed it more than expected, and most of that merit goes to this owman’s writing style. I am planning to get to the rest of her works, I don’t care it is only YA literature, I truly think she is worth it!

4. Marian Keyes (goodreads): This one is an oldie of mine but after leaving her abandoned for  alot of years I decided to give her some love, because this author made me want to read more and more, and I devoured most of her books at a time of my life when I really needed and appreciated her sense of humor, so for taht I will always be thankful to this lady!! I have a review in spanish of one of her books here.

5. Mindy McGinnis (goodreads): This list wouldn’t exist without this woman in it. It was actually her writing who inspired me to do this list in the first place, so there you go. This woman has a unique voice and although I’ve heard about her in bookstagram I can honestly say that there is not enough buzz arounf her. I say, less Hoover and more McGinnis!!! You can find my reviews for her last books here and here.

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Did you enjoy this list? Any thoughts about it? Any other female authors that you have in the spotlight?¿? Let me know please, I am always in the search of more!!

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9 thoughts on “Top 5: Female Authors to keep track of

  1. Julia says:

    Great idea for a post! I must confess, I don’t read these authors but 5 female authors I am loving at the moment would have to include Elena Ferrante, Han Kang, Hannah Kent, Zadie Smith and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. heygemmaaa says:

    Hm. I completely slacked on blogging this week but maybe I’ll do a late Bibliophile Friday post with this topic! 😀 I’ve heard of Claire Mackintosh and Marian Keyes but I admit I haven’t read any of their works.

    Liked by 1 person

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