eArc REVIEW: Final Girls by Riley Sager


30215662Title:  Final Girls
Series:  –
Author:  Riley Sager
Publisher:  Ebury Press
Published:  13 July 2017
Language:  English
Format:  eBook
Pages:  368



Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Adult.
Average Goodreads rating: 4.23

Each girl survived an unthinkable horror. Now someone wants them dead…

They were the victims of separate massacres. Three strangers bound by similar traumas grouped together by the press.

When something terrible happens to Lisa, put-together Quincy and volatile Sam finally meet. Each one influences the other. Each one has dark secrets. And after the bloodstained fingers of the past reach into the present, each one will never be the same.



My Rating and General Opinion


Speechless! That rounds things up. I still cannot believe this was a debut novel because of its complexity in character development and plot and penmanship.
Let’s not forget the way this book surprised me completely, because I did NOT see that coming, and I am great guessing things in thriller! But no, this one was a complete surprise and one I still can’t get out of my head.
It might have been lacking a bit in the mystery part during most of the novel, but that’s only because it gave more importance to the characters in a way that wanted the reader to really get to know them.

The Writing

I found the writing to be really good, easy, fast paced and thrilling. It definitely felt like a fresh and vivid read and its short chapters also helped the story to move along in an addictive and nerve-breaking way.
The switch between present and past that took part slowly in every couple of chapters was fluid and tricky. It kept you guessing because Quincy’s Final Girl plot unravelled bit by bit, so you couldn’t get the complete picture, which was a great idea because that way you kept guessing wrong all of the time.
It started out slowly which is something I usually don’t like in any other genres, but in these type of psychological thrillers I think it’s the way to go. That slow burning method is what helps you get into the character’s mind

The Story

Keep in mind that this story was a hard one to summarize and try to speak about giving the particular genre of it, where it is so easy to spoil things when one doesn’t want to. So I kept things as light as possible.

This one took the Final Girl concept to a whole other level! although it might start a bit slow, it gives some Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes, giving the concept of it all, but in this case the author just took it all up a notch and made everything more confusing, thrilling and overall mouth-watering! We start this story knowing that there are currently three Final Girls in the US. Fina Girl aka the lone survivor of a massacre.

We follow Quincy, a final girl (she doesn’t believe in this term and says she is not such thing) with some serious memory problems who apparently adjusted (or so she thinks) quite well to the normal life she now leads. She lives in NYC with a stable companion, Jeff, in an apparent great apartment (thanks to some unexpected money), has a blog and has no friends except for the officer who saved her that tragic day years ago, Cooper. That’s all we know about how this woman passes her days. Neither she nor her companion talk about her past, they simply ran a thick veil through all of that misery. Everything is calm and clear until one day one of the surviving final girls turns up dead, from an apparent suicide. This happening is the start of a frantic recollection. Another day all of a sudden Sam, the other final girl, Sam, appears in Quincy’s door wanting to reconnect, be there for her, basically whatever she wants/needs. This appearance takes Quincy’s life by surprise and slowly starts to turn everything into an absolute chaos or more precisely starts to point out how Quincy’s life is not normal or not OK at all, doesn’t matter what she tries to project to the outside world, the inside is just rotten. Quincy and Sam make quite the pair and although Quincy is happy at first to have some understanding company, her significant other, Jeff, and her trusted saviour/counselor, Cooper, don’t feel the same way. Things evolve, plots get more complicated and confusing giving that we keep getting glimpses into what happened to bring Quincy to this situation.
Things seem to go in a clear direction, but as it turns out, the plot keeps thickening and you find yourself immersed in this zigzag road with no clear finish line.

Is fair to say that this book starts slow and that gives as the opportunity to get to know our main protagonist better and get into the psychological part of this thriller. It set the foundation for what’s to come pretty well. And along the way, I fell in a nerve-wrecking state more than once and twice, giving some of our character’s actions!! I left myself go completely into this read.

Suffice to say that I didn’t see the final twist coming. In fact, I had taken a note about something similar happening but I underlined it as an impossible, because the absurdity of it all, but well, guess my surprise when everything turned out the way it did! This book left me open-mouthed and completely in love with it, but also left me exhausted because of all of the energy I had put into it.

 The Characters

This story brings a good cocktail of different characters to live. From the now to the flashbacks we get so many different storylines and personalities that enrich this story.
Quincy is our main protagonist and is such a rich and enraging character… She is the one that made me so anxious, angry and frustrated… but also equally engaged into the story and her Final Girl situation and development. Her boyfriend Fred was another great addition because it served to give her character some kind of moral compass to it all.
Sam, is a tricky character to describe. I didn’t like her from the beginning, but still I recognized something good in her, something that wanted to help Quincy, in her own strange way that is. Not an especially nice or bright character, but one necessary to unveil everything in Quincy’s darken memories.
Then we’ve got Cooper, the officer who rescued Quincy in the first place. We get presented to this character as a sweet guy, secretly and at some degree in love with Quincy. He is another character who is always there for her and frankly he is the major pillar in Quincy’s foundation.
Between the flashback characters we meet a colorful arrange of teenagers. An apparent, at first glance, nice and funny bunch with some jealousy entwined. But it was specially one sweet guy that caught my eye at the end of it all, which only made this story’s ending even sadder.


I recommend this book without a single doubt!
I know the wait until July is a long one, but trust me you won’t regret it! And not only that, I think this is also a good choice for those thriller virgins out there. What a step into the right direction that would be!! 😛 😉

– · – · –

I must give a big thank you to the author, Riley Sager, the publisher, Ebury Press, and Netgalley for approving me and giving me this opportunity. This is a completely honest review.



A native of Pennsylvania, Riley Sager is a writer, editor and graphic designer. Riley now lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

In addition to writing, Riley enjoys reading, movies and baking.

Riley’s first novel, FINAL GIRLS, will be published in 2017 in the United States, the United Kingdom and more than a dozen territories around the world.

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