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This is Matxalen, aka Matx or Matxi.

I am just another 20 something yo gal from the north of Spain and I could say 2016 has been the year I officialy fell in love again with books, that’s why I decided to finally open this blog.

As you’ll find out, I like to read from a varied genre of books so you’ll find everything for your rom-com to drama, all sorts of fantasy, dystopian and my go to thriller/mysteries!

I recently started taking my reading more seriously and being more active on goodreads and even posting reviews (which if you would know me, you’d know I am not very good with words, and even less if not in my mother language!). So I decided to start this blog to combine those goodreads reviews, enhanced, and the bookstagram world which I still consider myself newbie in and that I love.

Keep in my mind that english in not my first language, not even the second, but reading in english (which I prefer) is helping even more with my vocabulary expansion! I’ll try to write coherently!! :p😜

So let’s see if this works and please I would love to interact and get to know more people and get to know your likes and dislikes through books!

You’ll find all of my reviews in english here.
In those rare ocasions that I read and review in spanish you’ll find the updated list here.

You will be able to find me @ Instagram or @ Goodreads.

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