Top 5: Female Authors to keep track of

To commemorate this month of MarchΒ and the International Woman's Day (march 8th) I decided toΒ select 5 female authors that have left some kind of imprint in myself and that I plan on following in future publications. Most of this I've found about in the last months/year and I am really happy of doing so because … Continue reading Top 5: Female Authors to keep track of


Top 5: Romance/Romantic Books

To commemorate this month February's festivities (*eye roll moment x1000)πŸ˜’ aka Valentine's day I decided toΒ select some romance and romantic novels for those of you season readers! πŸ˜‹ It's not that I don't believe in love perse but I just don't believe in this Valentine's nonsense. Yes, like all of the cynics out there I … Continue reading Top 5: Romance/Romantic Books