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If you can say anything about my reviews are that they are truthful, I just don’t lie even if I don’t purchase a book myself my opinions will always be respectful but my own.

If you are an author interested in getting your book reviewed by me, beware ;), you can get in contact with me down below ↓↓

As you know, I like to read from a wide range of books. The genres I am most interested and will likely accept are (not in preference order):

fiction-genres-1.jpgAdult Fiction
Thriller / Psychological Thrillers
Crime / Action
Historical Fiction
Chick Lit
Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
YA & NA Fiction
Non Fiction (Humor / True Crime)

As a rating system, I use the same as depicted in my goodreads page:

1* AWFUL. Doesn’t even reserve the time of day, not even gonna try.
2* DIDN’T LIKE IT. Not a compelling story, not compelling anything, finished under pressure but must have had something at least a bit interesting. Will not reread it.
3* OK. Either interesting plot or interesting characters, but not both or with too many plot holes to keep my complete interest. Doubt I wouldn’t reread it.
4* REALLY LIKED IT. Great book, it wasn’t perfect but it was compelling enough. Will probably reread it.
5* LOVED IT. Don’t have words to describe it this was fantastic! Perfectly perfect in all its glory! 😉 Will reread it.

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