Wrap Up: May

Awww this is so sad! I know I had been through a reading slump thanks to some personal issues, but I didn't remember it being this bad! This has been without a doubt my worst reading month of the year! I started (or continued) with the total of 6 books but after DNFing one it … Continue reading Wrap Up: May


Wrap Up: April

I was goint to say this must have been my worst month on 2017 but as it turns out I read as much as last month!! A total of 7 books compplete my wrap up this month. As you have probably seen I haven't written much or any reviews this last month... well at least … Continue reading Wrap Up: April

Wrap Up: March

Remember that #T5W about how to cure the disease of reading slumps?? Well, like I've previously done when facing this situation, I go for memoirs/autobiographies... call them as you wish but they work for me and this month thanks to two of this types of novels I survived!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Even with a semi slump … Continue reading Wrap Up: March