Wrap Up: April

I was goint to say this must have been my worst month on 2017 but as it turns out I read as much as last month!! A total of 7 books compplete my wrap up this month.

As you have probably seen I haven’t written much or any reviews this last month… well at least until last week. I have a couple also scheduled so cope with me, I am getting there! Plus some of these that haven’t been reviewed, I’ll probably do some mini reviews hehe


I ordered from preference, 5* to 0* (I doubt I’ll ever give a book a 0 rating).

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye    4.5*


Night Film by Marisha Pessl    4.5*


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas    4.5*


The Hard Way by Lee Child    4.25*


Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver    4*


I See You by Clare Mackintosh    3.75*


The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken    3.25*



2 thoughts on “Wrap Up: April

    • matxi_books says:

      I thought I wasn’t going to like it either, because I don’t think Oliver is my cup of tea, but I am really glad I did! 😊 Well apparently I am know finally getting a bit tired with the YA dystopian (with was my favourite), but THUG and Night Film totally yes!! Must reads!! 😉

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